I didnt get one and now see that I actually need it. Can I still get the preorder price and when could I expect shipment of it? Anyway to fast track it?

Hello? Is there anybody out there?

Just a heads up, but i’m pretty sure any dual (stereo) foot pedal will work (or even two single pedals with a stereo/dual mono 1/4 cable . These pedals are very simple.

Of course these are nice,

Having said that, i’ll probably get one of these as they have a nice low profile (small).

A search for P-H471 will return several results. A 2-button latching footswitch works best. I installed momentary switches in one of mine, and although it works, sometimes the accent double triggers, and scrolling through songs will skip. The latching switches (stays in the same state when pressed and released) works flawlessly.

Make sure the footswitch does NOT have LEDs. I tried a Peavey footswitch and it would not work.

If a footswitch has LED, it usually can act in any mode - either latching or non-latching.

BeatBuddy supports both modes (thus LED-having footswitches as well), so check the manual - you will need to be sure your current footswitch mode complies with current BeatBuddy footswitch settings!

That’s a bit surprising. This shouldn’t happen I would think. Latching pedals are on/off, not select(up/down).
A momentary should only send a single command, and not multiples. I get this type of behavior with some digital footswitches that are buggy, actually, sending multiples.

Don’t know what to make of this really. Beyond me

There is a setting in the Beat Buddy for changing the behaviour. Latching footswitches are more durable and I guess the Beat Buddy sees each press as a command, so when it goes in or goes out.
Before they decided to make a foot switch of there own they stated the following when asked what they were using…

The footswitch is a standard latching footswitch that costs around $15-$20 — you can buy them on Amazon and many other places: … B000EO6OKM … B000EO6N08

The manual will also explain some of this, if you have not got your BB yet then you can download the manuals from

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I tried a Fender amp 2 button (didn’t work),
& a couple of single pedals, (they scrolled the menu of beats)
So, I just purchased the BB pedal (29.oo..) priced comparably, & the midi cable for 10.oo is cheaper than any store in town …
Now , let’s go on the software …!

That’s exactly what I thought the first time I read their use of latching footswitches, but it’s exactly accurate. It must be programmed to see “state change” - probably uses a standard digital flip-flop. The latching footswitches do seem more durable too, and are certainly more common.

BTW, the P-H471 is exactly what I am using. I include them with a few of my amplifiers.

I bought a Marshall amp dual button footswitch at a garage sale for $5 a long time ago. Plugged it into the BB and it seems to function in the same two modes the regular footswitch is supposed to, without changing any settings. I thought that was pretty sweet.

Thanx for the replies guys. Im going with my Crates switch for now. Seems to work ok.

I was just trying the ubiquitous Roland FS-5U (actually, 2 of them linked), and they seem to work without issue. they are momentary. But I only used them for a few minutes. BTW, the external-pedal detection system is rather nice.

Any footswitches ordered will be shipped within 1 to 2 days.

I bought a two button switch on Friday … turns out it had led lights… :roll:
didn’t work, …returned it for a Fender Mustang ms2,
will be using Beat buddy tonight @ gig,
hopefully it will scroll through …
(pedal’s already @ the gig … hittin on the chicks … lol )

I bought the BB pedal last week, thinking it might take awhile,
thanks for the updates David P.
( I can always use a spare 2 button pedal :lol: ) :sunglasses:

I’m using a Boss FS-6 footswitch, which I have borrowed from a friend, with my Beatbuddy. It has 2 LED lights on and it seems to work fine. Both switches set to latched and are both recognized by the BB. I have the left button set for song advance when off and accent hit when on. The right button is set for song back when off and pause song while on. All the functions do what their supposed to do when the’re supposed to do it. I’m happy with it. And lucky enough, if aesthetics are important to you, the FS-6 matches the Beatbuddy in looks. It obviously does not match it as well as the official Beatbuddy footswitch but they still look good beside each other.

I have just gone and processed an order for the Beat Buddy footswitch, considering the FS-6 is only on loan to me. But if any one has an FS-6, I had no problems with it. Looking forward to the arrival of my new footswitch!!!

How came it didn’t work?! BeatBuddy has a setting to auto-detect footswitch type, it didn’t work after it as well, did it?

Hi David,
I ordered a footswitch on the 29th September. I received an order receipt email on the same day and I have heard nothing since. I ordered it because I was using a pedal I borrowed from a friend and your post said it would be shipped within 1 to 2 days. :?

I ordered mine on 9/23 and got it on 10/4. I never got confirmation that it shipped, or a tracking number–just the confirmation of my order. So hopefully yours will arrive soon. The bad news is that mine doesn’t work. (Mo Footswitches Mo Problems: Hopefully you’ll have better luck than I did.

Again, I am just enquiring about the status of the delivery of footswitches. As I said in my last post, I ordered my one on the 29th of September. David stated that footswitches would be shipped within 1 to 2 days. It is now 19th Oct. It is now three weeks.

Anyone from Singular Sound have any update on what David said and the status of the ordered footswitch.

Footswitch arrived safe and sound this morning. Happy days!!! Thank you, Thank you!!!

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