HELP. I just purchased the BB Footswitch. When I click the designated pause/restart button, BB will pause and restart a couple of times. Then, without my changing any settings (to my knowledge), it will then not restart until my foot releases the button to pause BB, it will restart when I depress the button for awhile. Then by second or third time I press the same button BB wont start up again until the button is released, causing a restart timing problem. Can somebody help me understand why this is happening and more importantly to know how to fix the problem? Thx…

Have you tried going into the Beatbuddy Main Menu -> Footswitch and ensure it is set up correctly?

Here’s a snippet from the manual:

• Footswitch Detector - Detects the type of footswitch that is plugged into the BeatBuddy. Use this whenever using a new footswitch with the BeatBuddy or if your footswitch doesn’t seem to be working correctly (such as it only works every other press, or triggers a command on both the press and release).

I am going to assume that you may be right. I just received my new stereo cord. Plugged it into the BB and went through the proper setup according to the manual. I must have missed a step or something. Happy as a lark now. Thx for your response KenB123.

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Glad this worked for you Bill.

And thanks for providing a status reply. An internet ‘peeve’ of mine is when persons ask for help, others offer assistance, and then the OP disappears leaving everyone wondering if they got things working or not. Good one! :slight_smile:

I really appreciate your help. Before it is over with, I am sure I will drive somebody crazy with my questions. lol
I did however discover at least in part how to do what I needed to do. I combined from one track to another a train beat that I created that could go fast enough for real quick instrumentals such as Orange Blossom Special and then on the next track I used a 6/8 track. It is almost perfect for what I am doing. Still have a few issues to iron out. But feels good to make some progress.
Again thx.

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