For new BeatBuddy owners/users

First things first:
[]Download and read the user guide from
]Watch the video tutorials
[]Download and install the firmware; BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) software from #2; download and install the Default BeatBuddy Content Update from #2.
]Use only the BBM to manage folders, songs and drum sets. Do not use your operating system to create folders and files in either the BBM or on the SD.
[]Insert SD card in computer SD slot reader.
]From BBM File > Open Project (navigate to SD card) and open project on the card.
[*]You should be prompted to save your project to your computer and you should allow it to do so; it will begin to the process of loading the project from the card to your bbworkspace; when done, it will ask if you want to Synchronize your project; approve it.

[]If you bought Premium songs or drum sets, use the BBM File > Import Folder, Song or Drum set
]Activate your drum set: in the BBM click the Drum Sets tab and click the check boxes for any kits that you want the BBM to use; from the BBM > File > Save Project.
[]Save your Project using the BBM.
]Synchronize your project to your SD card; eject SD card and insert in your pedal.
[]If you bought or are using a remote foot switch, make sure you are using a TRS cable to connect the remote to the pedal. Set your remote foot switch settings; you can experiment with these suggested settings from
]Strongly recommend you use your computer SD slot reader to Synchronize projects and install firmware updates vs. using the USB cable method.
If you run into problems, e.g., disconnected pedal from power when updating firmware and it no longer powers up, try the process at: