For Those Who Have Trouble with the BeatBuddy Sliding

When I first started using the BeatBuddy, I noticed that it had a tendency to slip while stepping on the switch. :shock:
I noticed that a few people had the same problem. I wanted to give you a quick tip to correct it. :idea:
I use an old computer mouse pad to place under my BeatBuddy. It holds fast on both carpet and tile floors!
I thought this tip might come in handy. :wink:

Great idea. I noticed the slipping almost immediately. I have devised a pedal board that sits at a slight angle, especially for this pedal. Its a little larger than I expected, so I need to rework it, but your idea seems much easier.

I have got all the pedals I need. I will build a pedalboard until I get this BB.

This is funny, but I myself never had an issue with my BeatBuddy sliding. I had an issue that it jumps to be honest! :slight_smile:

It is possible you are stepping at it at a very low angle, and I just release the pedal too fast though.

Do you guys “Step” on the pedal like with your heel on floor, like you’re taking a step forward, or do you “depress” by placing the ball of your foot on top of the pedal and pressing down? Guess I never gave it much thought, but I suppose there could be a technique to this thing.

I had trouble too, with the main pedal and the option pedal. I used velcro to mount them both to a self made plywood pedal board. I had to use contact cement on the rubber pads on the bottom, to get the velcro to stick. All good now.

Update: I could not get Velcro to stay stuck to the rubber on bottom of BB and FS, even with contact (a.k.a. rubber) cement. So I trimmed the rubber on the bottom of BB, stuck the Velcro to the metal base. For the FS, I just peeled off the whole rubber sheet. (Didn’t want to do that on the BB, to save the serial number label…)

Sorry for the cross-post, I forgot about this thread when I posted this picture before)

With the 2x3 heal block, the BB and FS are very comfortable, sitting or standing, and the board doesn’t slide around the floor. The volume pedal is passive Boss, works great with BB.

I was experiencing a lot of sliding of the BB and switches on the carpet in my house so decided to create this simple pedal board that I MacGuyver’ed with some 1/4" plywood, a piece of the spiky-bottomed carpet protector from under an office chair and some double-sided tape and zap straps:

Not too pretty, but everything stays put!