Forgot which power adapter is for Aeros Loop Studio!

Oh, no! I just started hooking up my pedals after months of not playing (because, well, quarantine) and I can’t be sure which of these power adapters belongs to the Aeros Loop Studio! It’s been so long I forgot.

Does this match yours?


That’s what I have.


Time to label your wall warts :rofl:

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Thank you! :slight_smile:


But right now, it’s time to plug it in, update it to firmware 3, and make some sounds.

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Good people here to help as usual. Now I must ask… you didn’t play due to the quarantine/lockdown/whatever?!? I played more to kill the long boring days. No sports to watch. No malls to shop. No entertainment venues of any sort. Play guitar! That is what I did lol. :slight_smile:

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Can’t explain it; it’s depressing, but for me, I just can’t get excited about playing music much. I am surrounded by an excellent toolset. Just bereft of … something. I’m on this forum tonight because I’m getting interested again, though. Hope you’re still alright and safe from the virus.