Forum Files-play but no sound

Hello All: Another newbie here having fun and burning up spare time and spouses patience:
I appreciate the forum files and all the effort that obviously went into these songs. Working full time
and playing music leaves little time for creativity.
So, I get that SS is having issues and I appreciate those filling the void. I can load the files OK into beat buddy and they play, or at least I see the pedal counting off the beats; but there is no sound with these files. The downloads I have imported from the premium content seem to work fine. I am on a Mac OS X El Capitan version 10.11.6.
I’d appreciate the help.

Two things:
[]Make sure you download and install the drum kit for which the song was transcribed.
]Some of Drum the kits are stereo which means you have to use the headphones jack or both the left and right outputs. Make sure volume is up midway.

Thanks- OK so I’ve downloaded the kit needed, I’ve imported to the manager, double clicked it to unpack it.
The questions I have: 1. in some tutorials it indicates that once unpacked you need to check the box. So when I do that
then go back to the songs tabs to play the song it doesn’t but when returning to the drum tab the box is no longer checks.
Also, the % complete on the un-pack is only 88%- so that tells me there is an issue. See attached screen shot.
Please advise. Thanks![ATTACH=full]7458[/ATTACH][ATTACH]7458[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7458[/ATTACH]

[]Don’t read anything into the 88%. That just means that the drum kit builder did not use all of the 100Mb available to build his kit. 88% is normal for this kit
]Click on the Songs tab and in the song that you want to play, Default Drum Set: use the dropdown menu to select the appropriate drum set (NP Standard Bass Horns)

Sorry about this. I still am not sure what is going on.
here are screen shots of the drum and song windows. Seems like I have it covered but obviously not. [ATTACH]7462[/ATTACH]

Click on songs and show us the song you are trying to play.

Here is the song screen shot- at this juncture I was just trying anything thinking that possible there was a glitch in the download or otherwise.

So is the problem in the BeatBuddy Manager, the pedal or both? Has either ever worked?
What’s the pedal volume settings for the top knob and the side wheel? Which output are you using on the pedal?

@persist[/USER] - Nah, buddy, you’re overthinking this one. [USER=12620]@REC - After you start the song with the vitrual pedal, or the real pedal, its will just cycle through that null loop, until you double click the pedal or virtual pedal. Then it will play the song.

Spot-on Phil- a double click and off it goes… OK so what do the Nulls do for you?

Well, we need some way to make the so called one-press files work. BBM would just keep looping with just something in the Main Loop. So, we gotta put a blank file in somewhere. I usually put my blank in the Main loop and the Intro has the song. Then, it does play with one click, but after the song is done, it will just continue to run through that main loop null until you double click to end it. What the other Phil did is just a variation on that. He put the null in main loop and the whole song in the outro. So, actually, what you need is a click to “start” the song, and a double click to actually play the song. We both end up with the same number of clicks, it’s just two different approaches.

Yeah, you’re right. :wink:

Thanks for your help on this!! OK- so does the drum kit have to be exact or are some of the newer drum kit posts a variation of the older ones with modifications… I guess what I’m asking is do the kits need to be exact or are some newer versions of previous kits and both will work?

It varies. Sometimes you need the exact kit, but sometimes alternate kits work fine. It really depends on the bass and other instrument mapping. If you have a kit with the bass mapped at 63-91 like the one you used as an example, you would need another 63-91 mapped kit. Likewise, most of my kits have bass mapped at 0-31. So for songs using those kits you would need another 0-31 kit. And once you get keyboards or other instruments involved, then it is just best to use the recommended kit or you might end up with some serious cacophony.

Thanks again- off we go!!