Forum font and boldness

You have set the font too light and thin, I think its very hard to read.

I personally like it that way actually.

Browsers have a zoom function (usually Ctrl+mouse wheel) or Ctrl+ plus and minus keys) that might help.

I agree with the OP, the font color is horrible against the white background. I checked the UCP and there’s no way to globally change it. It boarders on being unreadable . . . Please darken the font!!!

You can change font colors in your own posts as I have done, but that doesn’t help reading other posts.


I have to agree with the font being bolder …
that was the 1st time I didn’t have to resize the browser!

+1 on black font colour. No need to have it bold.

I would also like a fixed width font like Courier New for the code sections. I want to see my columns and indents line up nicely.

Thanks, Dan

It seems like the request for the font to be darkened has fallen to deaf ears. If there’s a lesson to be learned to improve this forum, the font is set too light. Look at Apple, Google, CNN, KickStarter, etc, the fonts are not black but definitely much darker grey. Making this change takes very little effort from the webmaster.

Hi Guys – sorry about that - this request seems to have slipped by us. I completely agree. We’ll change it.

The font color is still ridiculously light. I can barely read anything without having to highlight it first.

Unfortunately, our webmaster is in the hospital. But I asked him to do it as soon as he can.

Hope they get well soon!
Thanks for listening!