Forum Moderator(s)

Spammers are taking over and more effort needs to placed in managing and protecting this forum if this site it is to be taken seriously.

Actually, this is not the topic for open discussion, so (as a disclaimer) it’s probably gonna be removed soon.

But in all seriousness I was also surprised with the sheer amount of crap that was added while I was sleeping today.

Imagine how fun was that to go inside every single post (there were more than 75 today!), scroll a bit up to post title, press delete button, then pressing CONFIRM on the next loaded page? :slight_smile:

Anyway, if you have any feedback on BeatBuddy - welcome to the forums! If you have any feedback about moderators’ work - you are welcome to contact support directly at

What is even worse - is to sit here and watch a spammer append crap and being able to do nothing but go after him and cleanup (as it was happening at the time of my posting with wxy1123) :frowning: