Forum/Pedal Appreciation Post

So this past Saturday night my duo played a small bar in town. Smallest stage I’ve ever played on, and half of it was taken up by a Christmas Tree. We have a pretty big footprint between his giant keyboard array and my pedal board and looper spread. We made it work though. It was a great show. I’m about 15 months into my BeatBuddy journey and with this duo. We’ve have over 70 songs in our playlist and almost 60 of them have drums by Beat Buddy. I just wanted to say thanks, this forum and community rocks and makes it SO easy to be productive with this pedal. I’ve put together a lot of my own beats, bought some Premium tunes, and also utilized a lot of the forum content.

Last night we used forum DOP/OPB for Please Come Home For Christmas, Jingle Bell Rock, Addicted to Love, Saturday Night’s All Right for Fighting, Keep Your Hands to Yourself, Who’ll Stop the Rain, and Every Rose has Its Thorn.

Here’s a few photos from the show that show just how cramped we were! You can see the Midi Maestro and Beat Buddy on my board. I really love this product and forum. It’s totally changed what I can do as a solo/duo musician.


This warms our hearts :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thank you for sharing

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