Franklin's Tower (Jam Version) re-up - The Grateful Dead

First, thanks to Persist for his version. I stole from it heavily. I changed the shaker part to a rhythm which I felt better matched the feel of the the Deads’ version from Dead Set (Live). I also adjusted the tempo up to 106, which may not seem like much, but it made a significant difference in feel.

This still uses the NP Electric Jazz Trio XRp kit. You may want to try it with then NP Electric Jazz Trio 3 kit, or the Bosendorfer kit for a different feel.

The song essentially repeats the same A (G) D (G) groove throughout.

I took two variant sections of Persist’s piece and arbitrarily labeled them verse and chorus. They are interchangeable, and either can be used as an extended jam. I do prefer the chorus to be sung over the section labeled as chorus, but it’s really up to the performer. Either will work.

Package includes: .sng, chords and lyrics in plain text and pdf, full midi from Persist’s version with my new shaker part added, and midi section parts.

Download Here