Free MIDI Clips for BeatBuddy!

Hey Gang,

You may be familiar with the company “GrooveMonkee”, who make MIDI clips for sale. I bought one of thier packs, and found that I could use their GM mapped versions. I had some interactions with one their folks, and told them that I think the BeatBuddy crowd is a potentially explosive market for them. I also complained that because their patterns tended to be somewhat longer that I could use, it was a bit of a pain to edit them, just to extract the one bar fills that I wanted.

As a result, the guy went and created a “freebie” pack of 1-bar MIDI fill patterns, appropriately mapped specifically for the BeatBuddy.

And congrat’s on winning best in show at NAMM!



Yeah, GrooveMonkee is one great site!
They started offering MIDI files specifically targeted at BeatBuddy, and I feel this collaboration is great! They excel at making quality MIDI patterns, BeatBuddy excels at playing them :slight_smile:

What Groovemonkee does that I like is put a simple variation (fill) in measure 4 and 8.