Free MIDI editor- BUT, it needs Java..

I have always avoided java as I have read it has big security holes and makes pretty deep changes to your PC and os.

So I was going to try the MIDI editor but I see it needs java…what do others here think about java these days…is it worth the risk?


You would be safe to using Java. It is now used by thousands of websites and also by Microsoft Windows exclusively, so it’s completely safe. I don’t know any site or system nowdays that don’t use Java. It makes you computer function better.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Using Java poses security risks but as long as you are aware of them and take steps to protect yourself, you should be okay. I’m a Mac user and I’ve learned to live without Java by using Aria Maestosa instead of BeatBuilder. Here’s a link with what you can do to reduce the risks from using Java on either a PC or a Mac: <>

thanks guys :slight_smile:

That Aria app looks okay - I might give it a go before committing to java :slight_smile: I do have Sonar, but I am looking for a simple straightforward drum editor as for this task (editing/creating drum beats) I really do nto need the bells and whistles of Sonar haha!

I don’t have a problem with running Java on my computer. I use Chrome for browsing which doesn’t support Java for security reasons so running it off the internet for apps like Beat Builder should be fine.

cheers Rob