Free MIDI Editor Pitch List from GrooveMonkee

From the GrooveMonkee free BB loops ReadMe file.
"Editing the Loops
We highly recommend Studio One by Presonus. They have a fully functional FREE version for both Mac and PC. We’ve included a “pitch list” for Studio One. The pitch list gives you a visual representation of BeatBuddy’s kit layout, showing exactly where all the drums are situated. Please consult the Studio One manual for additional information on using pitchlists within Studio One.”

Looking at the help for Studio One it appears that you can have it use the BB drum wav files and so edit and audition real BB drum sounds. I’ve got the water turned off and have to finish some plumbing so I can’t work on it yet.

I’m not sure that is correct as the limitation of the free version is that it does not support external VSTs, but it comes with a very usable VST called “Presence” - it would be cool if you could add samples to presence will need to investigate that myself when I have time.

Might not be correct I didn’t get far reading yet, but was hopeful.

Apparently, there’s actually another version one level up, that still doesn’t take VST’s called ‘Studio One Artist 2’.

I had this bundled with my keyboard. They are hawking it now for…$20.

BTW Pineears, do we really need to hear about your plumbing? :smiley: