I just opened up my Aeros Looper, setup wifi, updated the firmware. All easy.

But I cannot find a way to activate free form mode in the manual, or in the settings.

Entirely possible i’m just not used to the terminology yet and don’t realize that i’m missing it.

Can someone provide a quick step-by-step of how to move between free form mode and time signature based loops?

Also, can the time signature be changed, or is it always in 4/4

So far, i can only seem to change the BPM the the bottom left button.

Any help would be appreciated, as simple as this probably is.

Was the user manual of any help?

The user manual currently refers to how to access things, “if” one is in freeform mode, (page 10, 13) and the once is “In” freeform mode (page 24, 26) under Settings, and then in the Changelog lists (page 37, 38, and 39) but i cannot find any reference before that on how to get into the freeform mode itself.

Am i missing something?
Any help beyond is appreciated.

After turning on the Aeros touch the top left icon (Loop Studio). Once in song mode, touch the bottom right “+” (RECORD) icon. Scroll to the bottom where you will see Quantize to Measure. Select “OFF”. Touch the" Save" icon in the top right. You are now in Free Form.

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Thank you. That is perfect.

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