Freeze command

Would love to have a freeze command that holds the current sound that is accessible from the handsfree menu and midi.

Would be great to have both momentary (e.g., as long as a footswitch is pressed) or latched (e.g., start/stop via two button presses).

Would be great to freeze a recorded track or freeze on demand the live sound.

Suspect devices that do this sample and hold add some subtle modulation, but maybe this is just a short, seamless loop.

This would be more useful than the reverse command (or half/double time), IMHO. Slippery slope here…

Hey there,

You mean like play a short loop of the moment you froze a track? how long is this loop?

I think it’s milliseconds. It has no rhythm or explicit attack/decay.

It’s basically an easy way to create chord/tonal center to play over. Useful for some styles of music and also great to quickly practice scales/licks over.

There are a couple of guitar pedals that do this - Electro Harmonix Freeze & TC Helicon Superego+. I have the later and use it for exactly what you describe. Having the Aeros emulate that would make it even more incredible.