From BBM to BeatBuilder

I have created a few whole songs from separate midi files i.e one press on peddle and the complete song plays.
I have realised that under Beats in the forum some people have done likewise. Others have created sng. files
to use with peddle i.e intro, verse, chorus etc. My question is this: Is it possible to take those individual parts from BBM and into a midi editor BeatBuilder to create a whole song that can subsequently be downloaded back into BBM and to peddle?
Also some of those songs in Forum/BEATS have names like “PROUD MARY WITH BASS” , Can someone explain what this means and what I should do to hear bass.

Hi, Fourmost. First thing you might try doing is reading a little more deeply in the forum as the answers to some of your questions are already here. This link might help you learn a little more about the BeatBuddy as a system and what the songs with bass are and how they’re put together (probably a little more than you need right now but it will give you a general idea):

Yes, you can copy the individual song sections/parts from a different BBM song to create a new song. You can do this within the BeatBuddy Manager. If you want to edit outside of the BBM, you can do that as well.

The songs with bass are usually—but not always—one-press songs. To play them, you need to download and import the drum sets into your BBM. You can find the drum sets with bass at:
You can also find the songs with bass in Resources. Don’t forget to activate the drum set in the Drum Set tab in BBM. Activate the drum set with bass by clicking on the check box for the drum set you want. It will then show up in the Default Drum Set list drop-down menu. Save your Project and Sync it to your SD card and it will copy the new drum sets to play on your pedal.

They will sound best with BBM 1.6.4 and with firmware version 1.8.5 installed.

If you haven’t read the user’s guide, please do so. If you have already, you’re off to a good start. You can find a lot of great information here on the forum that our helpful users have gone to the trouble of posting—if you’re willing to search for it.

Thanks a million Persist,
The Bass bit looks very interesting and thanks for the detailed explaining. I can imagine it will take me a while to get it under control, but
I will persevere.
The bit I am interested in at the minute is:
"Yes, you can copy the individual song sections/parts from a different BBM song to create a new song. You can do this within the BeatBuddy Manager.(This is ok)
If you want to edit outside of the BBM, you can do that as well." (This I’m not too sure)
How do I get the individual parts from BBM into the Midi editor to create a whole song.
If I try and load the songs directly from the Forum into the midi editor it tells me to create a Audio file.
Sorry for the trouble. I’m sure the answer is in the forum somewhere.

Memory gone!!! Time for break.
Just realised that right clicking on the song in BBM, Select “export midi file” then can bring it into Midi editor. Knew I was missing something obvious.
Thanks for your help again. I’m off to bed.

If your question is to completly construct the parts to a song in Beat Builder and create a whole song there, no, you can only save the component parts in Beat Builder and then transfer each part back into the BB Manager and construct the whole song there. Is this what you meant, or are you already aware of the individual parts being altered or created then brought back to the BB Manager? Persist gave you the rest of the information about the added bass. As you save the individual parts, remember where you saved them so you can look them up and transfer them back into the BB Manager. I have found an easy way to do this and to keep track of every “Beat” and “Fill” out there in each genre of music. If you’re interested, reply back and I will tell you what I have set up.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Hi Fingerestylepicker,
Thanks for your reply. What I am doing is : taking a song e.g. “Get Back”, opening the intro in midi editor. Then saving it as e.g. “Get Back Whole Song”. Then opening the verse1 in the editor, selecting all and then copy. Reopening “Get Back Whole Song” and pasting in the verse1 after the intro. Then saving this as “Get Back Whole Song”, Repeating the process for all the other parts. It helps when the actual number of bars is stated. I then open BBM and insert this file into a new song e.g. main loop and subsequently sync it to peddle so when I hit peddle once the whole song plays. Is there an easier way of doing this in BBM?
If you have an easy way to save and really files for BBM I would love to know.

It looks like you have a good method that works for you. I do it a little bit different which is OK for me. I generally edit a phrase being whatever, save it in Beat Builder and then moving back out to Beat Buddy Manager, click on the old phrase which opens the window where the corrected phrase is, open it which automatically sets it up in Beat Buddy Manager. I then check the sound of it to make sure its what I want and if it’s OK, I then save the whole project which saves everything I have worked on. A little trick that I set up is to take like “Jazz” for example, open the workspace where all the Jazz beats are and make a new file called “All Jazz Beats & fills”. I then copy all of the beats and fills included in each individual file and put them all in the one place “All Jazz Beats & Fills”. Now I have them all together and can find them easily. This puts them at hand for the Beat Builder and for the Beat Buddy Manager. You sometimes create new fills or modify intros and outros and create new titles which can be stored in this same place and readily available. Do this for each genre of drum files so when you access them, they will all be in a place easilly obtainable. It takes a little time to do but it’s all worth it. It cuts my time in half when I am modifying the beats and fills for a new song. Also, sometimes, if there is a good rifff in say “Country”, you can easilty move it to a Jazz or Blues song that you’re working on. I do this “Mix & Match” all the time and create some darn good songs this way that are very unique. I did this with a song called 'Caravan" where the bridge goes into a swing beat. The Main part of the song is an accentuated Drum Beat and of course switching to the bridge via the transition to the other “Beat” then transition back to the 1st Beat which works great for multiple repeats of the song. Of course, sometimes they don’t match up so you have to hunt for somethng that does. Play with all of it and make it work for you. That’s what it’s all about. Have fun and play music like there’s no tomorrow.

Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Thanks Fingerstylepicker for your detailed reply. Reading down through your response I can see how all this will be off great advantage. Since I have only started into creating full songs I can now appreciate how having all the beats and fills in the one place will save a lot of toing and froing. Looking forward to trying it out.
Thanks a million.