Froze then on reboot screen looks like static

I hope there is a fix for this as I’m a gigging musician and rely heavily on this little thing now. :wink:

I was setting up for a practice session and plugged my Beat Buddy in, it booted, song loaded etc…

After a minute or two, the screen froze and the pads wouldn’t respond. I unplugged it, plugged it back in…screen looks like static. The attached picture is dark so that you can see the screen I’m getting. This unit isn’t very old and I have a strong suspicion it is fried.

Please contact

Yes, this one is in need of replacing. Email me and I will arrange for it to get replaced.

I sent an email to so hopefully that’s you.

Not to be a pest here but I sent that email yesterday (19 hours ago) and haven’t gotten a reply. Assuming I’m mailing this to you and will get a replacement I’d like to get that ball rolling since I have a gig coming up.

I apologize for the delayed response. I replied to your email.