So…I have a used Beatbuddy I purchased and I’m trying to get everything loaded and set up through the manager. As described in the videos, I have downloaded and installed it, and gone in to start a “project.” Supposedly all of the loaded drumsets and other things that DO show up on the pedal when I use it are supposed to show up in the window on the left. They don’t. Do I need to import the files that show up on my file manager (in my computer file manager, I can see that, when the Beatbuddy is connected to the computer), there are files there for songs, drumsets, etc. How do I use that, get it into the manager, etc.? This seems like one of the coolest things I’ve seen…but right now I can’t access the features.

Alsi, Because it is a used pedal do I need to update the firmware. I downloaded that as well, but can’t figure out how to get that to load. Any help appreciated…

With a used pedal, I’d suggest starting from scratch.

  • Delete the contents of the SD card.
  • Download the latest Default BeatBuddy Content Update from the bottom of the linked page.
  • Follow the tutorials again on how to update the firmware on your SD card.
  • Erase your BBworkspace and old versions of the BBM.
  • Install BBM 1.6.4.
  • Follow instructions on the BBM Help menu > Getting Started page to upload contents from the SD card.

Let us know how it goes.

So…more issues. I followed the instructions for updating the firmware and everything seemed cool. I was asked if I wanted to override the existing files and I clicked yes, unplugged the usb and replugged, the screen on the pedal says it is updating…but it never has restarted. It is stuck on updating firmware. One video watched said it was important to no unplug anything or it could screw things up…so now things are totally stuck it appears. Damn. I had such high hopes for this thing. I feel like I’ve wasted a pile of money.

Try the following:

  • make sure the SD card isn’t locked
  • try to install the firmware again

If that doesn’t work, try installing the firmware on a new SD card and it should work. Once you get the firmware updated, then copy the default content to the card.

Do I unplug and shut down the pedal first and restart that? How can you tell if the card is locked? I was able to load the stock drum sets, etc. into the manager software and that must be on the card…right?

The card has a slider on the side and small print LOCK >
Yes. Unplug the pedal from power; insert SD card; plug power back in.
Most times you’ll get feedback telling you that you can or can’t update the card however, sometimes it doesn’t . . . .

There has been a little error message when the pedal first starts up saying it can’t read the card, but it goes away and the pedal starts loading so I thought that was normal.
There is small print on the card saying “lock”. Is there a solution?

The pedal does not start back up. I did unlock the SD card though…but if the pedal doesn’t start up when I plug it in, did I screw something up there? It hasn’t done that before.

I don’t think you’ve screwed anything up.

Do you have a SD card slot reader on your computer? If so, try that instead of the USB cable method.

Since you bought the pedal used, there may be some miles on the SD card which kind of makes it suspect. Do you have a new SD card that you can try? If so, all you have to do is to install the firmware on the new card and then try it in the pedal.

The problem is that the pedal does not turn on now. It doesn’t show up at all either on my computer when I plug it in.

This is a known issue when the pedal does not “take” a firmware update. The symptom is that the pedal will appear not to power up (I think this is because the pedal does not sense a complete and working firmware package). Most times all it takes is “nudging” the process. I take it you don’t have a new SD card to try, right? If you don’t have or can’t get one, the options are a little more time-consuming and involve reformatting the existing SD card to FAT 32.

  • If you have a version earlier than Windows 10, you should be able to format the card using the Windows operating system.
  • If you’re using Windows 10, you will have to download and install WinFlashTool to format the SD card as I believe Windows 10 only has an option for formatting to 64-bit.

Do you have an SD card slot reader on your computer? Use it instead of the USB cable (using the slot reader removes one more variable that could go wrong in this “nudging” process).

Once you’ve reformatted the SD card, start fresh with the firmware. Unzip the 1.8.5 firmware file. Drag or copy all 5 files to the SD card. Power off to pedal, insert SD card, power back on. Still not working?

Check your forum Inbox, please.

Card is reformatted but I can’t seem to get the firmware to reload. I’ve tried a bunch of things. Any help appreciated.

Actually…now I have everything back up but I can not find the songs. What happens if I restore original settings?