Folks, the Forum has been causing frustration of late. First, we lost our Resources. Several of us spent hours reposting our songs, and still creating new songs. Then we had loss of forum access for a day or more on a couple of occasions, creating a hope that maybe the Resources were coming back, but no, nothing changed, we are still where we were.

That’s all on Singular, and that’s bad enough. But, then I look at what I have posted, and I see songs and kits that have 20, 30, even 40 or more downloads, and I have no reviews, no feedback for those efforts. I know some of you have sent me a note on a particular song you requested and I do appreciate that. I would appreciate more if you took the time to give the Resource a review, too.

It has actually reached the point with me where I am not posting songs and kits that I am making, because I am frustrated with what appears to be a lack of appreciation for the efforts. So, if you want to see a continuing stream of my stuff, start giving reviews. Otherwise, I’ll just assume it’s crap and keep it to myself.


Phil, you are one of the most generous, inventive and prolific contributors to the community. I haven’t downloaded songs lately since I’ve decided to concentrate on the ones I already have (many of which are yours!). I can’t tell you how grateful I am and feel terrible you aren’t getting the recognition you ( and a few others) deserve. Know that I am truly grateful for all you have done and hopefully will continue to do. Sincerely Papaya

Thank you.

Phil, I have redownloaded the songs that you so generously put back up out of fear that I may miss a song or two. the same with Persist and Guitar Stu. I have tried to capture everything anyone posts. I haven’t told any of you guys how much this means to me. I hope to have the time soon to be able to “give back” with my own input. Thanks so much for taking the time to pay it forward. You guys are the best. Thanks !

I’d like to thank you and other contributors for sharing your work. I downloaded a few songs yesterday, but apart from playing a few midi files I haven’t been able to try them as yet, my Beatbuddy is in the post!
Seeing what what you guys have achieved has persuaded me to jump in and get one.
Please keep up the good work, it is very much appreciated.
Keith (U.K.)

To preview the songs, download and install the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and you can import the songs.

And you’ll need to import the drumkits required for the songs, too. But the nice thing is, if you get a bunch of things imported into Beat Buddy Manager before the pedal arrives, you can always export that project to the pedal. Just be sure to back-up the factory SD card before you do that.

I for one, TY and all for the efforts in creating songs/drums/reposts. I look forward everyday to this site. Much appreciated.

Tae - You are probably the best example of someone who DOES leave feedback and thanks. My rant was not aimed at you. Your appreciation is, well, appreciated.

Thanks guys, will have a look this evening

I’m appreciative of everyone’s effort. I know I need to do a better job of thanking people when the create and I use them. It’s a great forum and a valuable resource. Thanks for the reminder of leaving comments in the kits downloaded and used!

Phil, let me use my first post ever in this forum to thank you very much for your efforts! I bought my beatbuddy mid-December 2017 right after the site lost a bunch of stuff. Thanks to you and the other Phil, I was able to load up my BB with some very good and usable songs.

I’m usually more of a lurker and don’t usually leave much of a trace. I now understand your interest in hearing feedback and will do so in the future. This a very good forum, with great contributors and a great moderator.

I thank you all for sharing!! Peace.