Anyone have any experience with using a Boss FS-5U switching pedal? I would like the unlatching type because I dont like pushing the Beatbuddy pedal 2 times to trigger!

I did Norbert’s BB hack and am using the FS-5U Pedal, I had to use the switch to change the polarity to get it to work.
only issue is that… If I plug everything in without the power to the BB on, everything works as it should ,
but if I plug it in or remove the jack with the BB power on it will cause the BB to start playing, not really an issue for me,
Ken from the Peg

if you are hitting the external pedal twice to trigger, go into the settings and do the “detect the footswitch” thing, and that should fix it.

Quiet and works great!

I am using it as well, works great. Not sure how long it will last as the internal switch seems quite small but hey it works great now at the moment.

I use two of these attached to each other. They have a tongue and groove slot on the sides. This electrically matches the Beat Buddy set of switches. I already had them for a Boss DR3. They are larger and an easier target for an unguided toe tap.

Norbert’s BB Hack - my story. I found it difficult to operate the BeatBuddy and companion switch pair, particularly whilst sitting down to play my double bass, but also when playing my guitar standing. The controls being down by my feet being the main problem, so that if I wanted to select a new folder of songs, or change the tempo, then I had to kneel down to read the text and operate the controls. Impossible without putting down the double bass. So I used Norbert’s Hack and set up three momentary switches connected by a single, high quality 4-core shielded cable: two separate cores for the main BB switch terminals and two others for the stereo socket footswitch terminals. The 4-core cable exits from the BeatBuddy via the headphone socket hole and remains permanently attached with the switches, they all wrap up together for transit.
The big result is that I can mount the BeatBuddy on my mic-stand within easy reach. Emboldened by Norberts description, I soldered it all up and it worked. However the switch I had for the main switch functions obviously suffered form contact bounce as a song would often go to the outro when I pressed for a fill. I replaced that switch and everything now works fine. 4 hours of rehearsals completed with the band. Live gig in a couple of weeks. See pics attached that show the BeatBuddy, the modified mic stand bracket and the mat that the switches are velcro-ed to. All working perfectly now with the Main Switch in the middle, the one on the left for pause and song forward and the small one on the right for accent and song backward. Easy to push the correct switch without looking down and I can control everything in comfort. One day perhaps BB will connect to its switches by blue-tooth and send audio to a mixer via wi-fi. [ATTACH]3117[/ATTACH]

Nice. Thanks for sharing, Tim.

I did the Norbert Hack and did the similar thing of removing the Headphone Jack and using the hole for the cable out to a FS-5U Switch. It works great and it’s rare that I have to reach down and touch the Beat Buddy at all. I also hooked up two FS-5U Switches in place of the external switches that came with the Beat Buddy. I placed them together with the groove-setup like the ones mentioned above and fastened them down to my Pedalboard. Right next to them is the other FS-5U Switch so all are in close proximity of each other. They are silent and work very well and are designed to last a long time. The two FS-5U switches were already on the pedalboard from using them with 2 Boss RC-2 Loopers. I have had them on the pedalboard a long time and never had any issues with them. The Behringer remote swiches are built very similar to the FS-5U Switches and come with two switches mounted together and they are also “Momentary” so they would also be a good choice. I recieved them with a Behringer “Vampire” amp that I bought. I might use them for a Midi Volume Control that I am thinking about building. Anyway, I just wanted to add to the mentioned use of the FS-5U Switches. They are a good choice.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Please post a picture of your BB setup hack. Thx.

Sorry, I don’t have a picture of what I did, but mine was easier than what Norbert showed. The six terminals on the switch were bridged together as three on one side and three on the other so it really wasn’t a mind breaker to solder the two wires from the peddle to the BB switch. I didn’t bother with the polarity because I used an isolated switch.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Ok thanks.

maybe this is what you are looking for
READ ALL THREAD----some changes were made in the polarity (i think)



Thanks, I’ve watched this. It’s very good.