FS-7 and pedal board

I just received and plug a Boss FS-7 for Beatbuddy to replace the official external footswitch. I did not like the loud click-clicks, and I did not like the ergonomics. For me, the FS-7 with BB is a perfect match! Start the bottom switch is used to make pause-unpause, and the top is for the outro-stop. At stop the lower one used to advance songs, and the top is for back song (but I think eventually that it serves for tap-tempo).

Some may be interested to know the configuration of other pedals. Starting from the top right, the LS-2 is used to switch between the acoustic guitar and the mandolin, then the signal goes through the HOF reverb, then in the Ditto Looper, then in the LR Baggs DI, and finally XLR to the console. The output 1/4 LR Baggs sends the signal to the VoiceLive to give the right tone for voice backs. Bottom right, the electric guitar through the Boss tuner, by the Hot-Wired, the Vox delay, by by Ditto Looper and finally to the guitar amp. Both FS-5 are used to scroll through the pages on the iPad (Onsong). I am often inspired by other pedals to ride my own, maybe my setup can inspire other people too.


Very nice. I can sure understand the annoyance factor with the loud clicks. I built my own remote using momentary switches; I do like Singular Sounds’ small form factor, though.

'Fraid I’m not sophisticated enough to have a pedal board as most of my pedals are on a “floor” :smiley: board.

Using an FS–7 meeself, as if its was designed for BB, it even fits in the box with the BB!