FS Control of Transitions Fwd and Back


I would find a very helpful usage of the two buttons on the separate footswitch (FS) to be

button 1 trigger transition backward
button 2 trigger transition forward

By forward I mean changing tracks in forward numbered order (ex. 1 2 3 4 1, i.e. +1), as we can do now with the main pedal.

By backward I mean changing tracks in reverse numbered order (ex. 4 3 2 1 4, i.e. -1), which is not currently possible (right?).

Ideally extra taps would add extra increments.
Examples: 2 taps on button 1 would advance from T1 to T3 2 taps on button 2 would decrement from T4 to T2

All told, we would be pretty darned close to random access if we just had the fwd and rev options available on the buttons as described.

Even if multiple-taps are too hard to implement, just having single step fwd and single step rev would be much better than not having them, as we could for example alternate between A and B sections (tracks) as much as desired before moving on to the C section, and so forth.

So, in summary, the request/suggestion is:

Implement a Transition Backward capability (ala the existing Transition Forward capability)
Make both available via the 2-button FS.

P.S. Yes, I know slick MIDI is coming soon, but still, core forward/back functionality w/o needing MIDI to do it is still to be desired, for multiple reasons.

Thanks for your consideration!