FSW 22 foot switch vs bb footswitch

Do I need to purchase the beat buddy foot switch in order to work with the beat buddy or will the FSW 22 foot switch perform the same functions as the big buddy?

Simple answer plz?

What’s the FSW 22 ?
Any TRS(stereo jack) Footswitch can work with the Beatbuddy

No. The FSW 22 foot switch is for changing amp channels. According to an online review, it will not work with the BeatBuddy (BB) pedal.

Why not? The switches for changing amp channels tend to be of the latching type which means that even if the FSW 22 works, it won’t be able to take advantage of all of the features provided by the latest BB pedal firmware.

You are probably better off buying the Singular Sound remote foot switch, building one yourself or buying a dual foot switch with momentary switches. If you buy something other than Singular Sound’s, don’t forget to buy a TRS patch cable.

Than you !

Ok. Last question. I am trying to output my BB to a ALTO Live 1202 mixer hooked up to 1200 speakers. No sound. I get sound from my Yamaha stage pass. What gives. Thanks !

  • Can you tell us about the cables used to connect the BB to the 1202 mixer? Two cables left and right with 1/4" TS (tip-sleeve) connectors into what mixer inputs?
  • Does the mixer send audio to the speakers when another source of audio is used (Mic, keyboard, etc)?
  • The ‘1200 speakers’… what are they (brand and model name)?