Full Songs are available for purchase


Just ordered some drum tracks I’ll do a review when I get them

I’m curious how these are different than say all the songs already offered up by the community for free. Are folks really going to start pulling their once free songs and start charging for them?
One of my concerns is that a lot of the user content is all over the place in terms of quality. Some is very good, some not so much. A rating system might help a little. Unfortunately, it seems like some people are using the velocities of the samples as a volume adjustment, creating issues when switching from one tweaked song to another tweaked song. Level consistency between songs is quickly becoming a thing of the past.
I’m all for paying for content that is well done so keep the reviews coming.

The guys at beatbuddy songs gave me a free sample, I had a few problems getting it into the bb manager and I’ve not put it onto my sad card yet but it sounds really good on my computer, a lot better than the one I made myself

Let’s hope it makes your ‘sad’ card happy :)!

Any feedback yet? What were the songs you chose?

Hope you’ll add some Jazz and Bossa Nova songs soon, I’ll check it from time to time! :slight_smile: