Full Stop as external footswitch option

It would be great if one of the external footswitch options was a full stop; that is, not just a pause, but a replacement for the double-tap stop on the main pedal. This way, you could go from a stop and select (using the stopped footswitch option) the next song, or a secondary song part.


you can do that, but you need to pause before
I guess you mean with the simple 2 switch pedal
You need to set one switch for the pause/unpause
Go the B settings>main pedal>“main unpause behavior” and set to stop when Tap
Now depend the firmware you have , if you have the 3.8 you can choose what you want on the Tap or Hold
If this is set up , you will have a pause /unpause and the other switch (when pausing) will stop the song


Nice workaround.

We need a 3 button switch to give us an extra option. 2 is very limiting. A way to change a song tempo could then be done by placing the same song/beat right after it in your setlist but with the desired tempo change, and just press the ‘next song’ button. 'til they come up with a tempo option for all song parts. Do mp3 backing tracks you can buy on sites have tempo changes ?

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This option exists (but you have to give up the 2nd footswitch functionality)

You can set the 2nd Switch to do and "Outro Fill’ (which then stops the song)
This is found in the settings under:
footswitch/2nd Footswitch Function/2nd Switch playing/Outro Fill

The pedal is midi controlled so you can command the whole thing from a midi footswitch like the Midi Maestro. It has 6 buttons, but not too much setup you could have 36 foot pedal options.

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Go with a Midi pedal like Airturn bt200s/6. IPad/iPhone, SongbookPlus App and you will be able to select a folder or song and have a next song ready. Hit a switch on Airturn pedal and next song starts. I can show this with Songbookplus but not as easy with OnSong in my view. The Airturn has a midi function which is a big advantage. Widimaster is a great receiver and pairs with the pedal…all wireless…

This works Glenn!..…Thank’s man!!!

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Thanks - this works great!

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I use the work around as well. Pause from external switch and hold main pedal press down for full stop. You will have to change the default settings for bb to start songs on main pedal release. Default is to start songs on main pedal press.

This gets you into a risk area at live gigs. If you hold the main pedal switch down too long it goes into a Beat per minute view and will not start on release when expected. Not fun if it’s a live gig.

I’ve been emailing bb support to remove the bpm view on long main pedal press and release, or significantly extend the long press and release requirement into bpm view. Please support that email thread so support with see it’s wished my more people and expedite the enhancement.


This is not necessary as of version 4.0.1 the BeatBuddy can be set to stop when the BeatBuddy is set to Press. Simply set the BB to Stop in the Tap settings. (Main Pedal > Unpause Behavior > Main Pedal Unpause > Tap)

Another possibility is to set the External pedal to send an outro command while Playing/Paused, then changing the external pedal unpause behavior setting to always stop the song in this case while paused. (Main Pedal > Unpause Behavior > External Unpause)

There is no need to continue emailing support on this topic we already have it in the developer’s timeline and should be in the following iteration 4.1.x, so stay tuned!

Thank you for your feedback!

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