Fun, Fun, Fun (DOP, OPB, OPK(e-piano), OPBk in D) 2017-12-23 - The Beach Boys

The recording is in Eb, which sucks as a guitar key, and I really despise the whole tuning down for one song thing, which is how I think it was played. I present it here in D, a much easier key to play along with. You can still play the Johnny B Goode solo at the beginning, but it’s in D at the 10th fret.

Uses NP Electric Jazz Trio - the one without a number.

Includes: 4 sng files and corresponding midi files, very good source midi in Eb, and chords and lyrics in plain text and pdf.

OPBk has the guitar solo on the e-piano. OPB is probably best if you want to play the leads, but experiment, please.

Download Here