Functionality of the AEROS Lopper

After several days of working with the looper, I decided to return the device.
The functions of the Looper are not fully developed and the simplest functions are missing, such as panning the stereo tracks, the limited loop time to 2:30 minutes, no connection to a laptop, saving loops on the disc ā€¦ ā€¦
The description of the device in the catalog of the seller is misleading. Functions listed in the catalog are not available.

Sorry, but to sell such an immature device is bold. For the price, I expect a well thought-out device! I am not a BTA tester and I do not want to be one.



Hi Kurt,
Iā€™m just another user, not working for Singular Sound. I understand your points.
These are a few things I love about the Aeros and make me keeping it:

  • the track / part with a 6x6 that leaves plenty of room (at least for me)
  • ease of control with (one) foot only (tempo, volume, record, overdub, tracks, parts, mix, etc.)
  • visual feedback with waveforms (helps me practice my rhythmic placements)
  • separate aux output
  • beatbuddy sync (though cable is still unavailable in Europe :frowning:)
  • and, last but not least, the regular updates via WiFi. Updates do come and do fix things.

I reckon every musician must have their own level of expectations. Aeros exceeds mine.
Kind regards,


Hi Laurent,

the looper is currently usable for simple applications with a short loop length, so can any other looper that does not cost 670 euros.

  • 6 tracks are nice, but due to the lack of panning, all tracks are in the stereo center of the output.

  • First track: recording an intro with 20 bars. Second track: Loop with 3 bars. Result: The second track is played 6 times during playback. The problem is that the number of bars (loop length) cannot be specified.

  • The loop cannot be saved externally, PC or SD card ā€¦
    and so on!

It is certainly nice to do UPDATES over WIFI, but it would be good to have a working USB interface for updates and storage and it would be best to have a working looper.

I also like the idea for the Looper, but there are still too many functions missing. So I wait six months and then see how the functions develop.


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Fair points!