FW 3.9.0 Second TransitionFill bug?

In Fw 3.8.0 it was possible to leave second TransitionFill field blank and when I hold the pedal down BB would just return to MainLoop1 on release of the pedal. In Fw 3.9.0 that is not possible. No problems whatsoever with first TransitionFill field, BB will move to next part without problems. I reverted to 3.8.0 and it works again. Bug?

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Anyone can confirm this? BB will not go back to Main Loop 1 if no Transition Fill present. It keeps looping in Main Loop 2. Even double press of the pedal will not advance to outro. It just keeps looping.

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I can confirm this. I thought the Fw upgrade had gone wrong so I went back to 3.8 and the issue disappeared. Reinstalled Fw 3.9 again and it came back.
Enabling the Pause in the Main Pedal parameters seems to have fixed it.
I don’t know if this change was an intended one.
I have many, many songs which cycle through Main beat 1 several times.

Update: “Enabling the Pause in the Main Pedal parameters seems to have fixed it.” :point_left:Not true, my mistake…

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I’m trying to reproduce your symptoms in my BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) ); the app and the pedal should behave similarly if not exactly the same.

  1. BBM test without the 2d TF:
  • long hold on the Virtual Machine cycles from 2d loop to 1st loop (seems to require a little longer press & hold)
  • double-tap cycles to the Outro
  1. Pedal test without the 2d TF:
  • long press on the pedal does not cycle between loops and when testing the process repeatedly, it sometime stops playing the 2d loop (Transition is displayed)
  • double-tap does cycle to the Outro

You’re right. The pedal does not cycle between loops if the 2d TF is not present.


Thank you for reporting! Dev has been notified!

I’ve noticed this too but assumed it was user error. :joy: Happy to hear that it’s not just me.

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Has been fixed in latest tested version!