Gap at start / end of loop on Aeros?

New user getting a gap at start / end of loop using Aeros, not sure what settings to change, can anyone help? I am using latest standard firmware. Thanks.

What do you mean by standard firmware ?
Is it the last official (3.0.x) or last beta (3.1.x) ?

Hey there, it would help to know the exact firmware version you have, check in the “Updates” section on the Main Menu and check the firmware number (latest official release is 3.0.0).

Question, is the issue you’re reporting something you see, or also hear?

If you could tell me if you were in quantized or freeform mode that would also be helpful, thank you!

Hi @BrennanSingularSound,

Apart if @deekod wants to react, I think this can be closed since 3.1.10 release…

@deekod any news on this front? Was your issue solved by update?