Garageband or LogicPro

I want to make my Beatbuddy Garageband drummer kit. Do you know where I can get the wav files of the drummer tool of Garageband (or Logic Pro ?)

Use Logic to make the wav files. The Logic/Garageband kits do not use the .wav format. As is the case with many plug-ins, the files are in a proprietary format. Set up a template in Logic. Look at a good BB kit as a guide.

Example: The Standard kick drum has 13 samples in it. There is one for velocity 0-51, three for 52-62, three for 63-83. three for 84-118, and three for 119 through 127. Build your template with 13 midi (software instrument) tracks, and select a drum kit that you want to sample. In your 13 tracks, place one drum note at C1. One the first track, set the velocity at 51, on the next three tracks, use 60, 61 and 62. On the next three use 81, 82, 83, etc. The reason for the variance is to have sound that will avoid the machine gun effect of having the exact same sound repeated over and over. Once you have this template set up, give each track a unique name, like kick drum 51, kick drum 60, etc. The select all 13 tracks and use File>Export>13 tracks as Audio files. Create a folder on your desktop, and within that create another folder called 36-Kick Drum. Export to that folder. You will now have wav files of the kick drum sampled. You are going to do this with each kit piece. Some will have less that 13 samples, if you follow the design of a BB kit. You will also more instruments than are in a BB kit, as Logic/Garageband have more kit pieces mapped.

Once you have all your samples, you are going to need to strip the meta data from the wav files. For some reason I have not discovered Logic add some code the wav files that make them incompatible with BB. I use a program called Switch from NCH Software. I convert the sample from their present state to 16bit mono wav files. You can do stereo if you wish. Once you have the “Switched” samples, you can build a kit in the BB Manager Drumset Maker window. As far as i know, there is not a quicker process. Be prepared to spend a couple hours building your first kit.

Your finished kit must be less than 100mb. You may need to delete some samples to reach this goal. You must have samples to cover the full range of 0-127 velocity for each kit piece.