Garbage Drum Beats and Genre

I have purchased the Mini2 beat buddy and i like the sounds but the majority of genre’s are completely useless. There are at least 7 different genres that have very little use.

Some of these are probably used by very few people.
Just saying.

Thanks for your opinion.

Wow. Nice cold reply.

Nothing cold. I told you THANKS for your opinion. Truth be told… a lot can be said about what you expected to get out of this community by starting this thread. So what was your end game with this thread? What do expect people who enjoy the BB to say? 7 genres are useless (TO YOU). Glad you felt the need to tell us about your opinion.

I guess I’m The devils advocate for starting this thread. Dont have time to argue about it either. Just placed my opinion and obviously you got took a little back on it. Your exactly correct when you phrased the TOO YOU though. Still how I feel about the genre that I have no idea what that genre would be used for. Not a genre I’ve heard before. Anyhow have a good life and stay safe.