Gated Snare set

Complete set of standard kit snare with gated and compressed effect. Prefixed with cmp- can just replace all standard kit samples and name to new set.

wow downloading now, awesome!!

its a tad quieter than the original snare so may need to reduce the other standard drum instrument levels to taste ; )

Hi Lovesinging, It’s hard to always have the right vol on drums when premixing all coming from a single channel to a PA. Good VDrum modules like Roland and EZDrummer2 etc. use digital mixers to get the type of control from drum sets with dozens of mics. You could use audacity or another editor to boost the wav vols. If each Beat Buddy drum part vol could be midi controlled someday it would be great to be able to use a midi controller to tweak live vs. trying to get the presets all set with multiple copies of similar kits tweaked for different feels. The lack of ability to add effects to only the whole kit vs compress snare only is another weakness that I think would need a new plaform to fix to add an effects loop in/out or two.