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Hi. Is it possible to start a track recording then hit stop and the track is recorded but doesn’t play right away? I think it MIGHT do that with the stop all button. But then what if you’re playing loop 1, recording loop 2, and want to save loop 2 without playing it right away but you want loop 1 to continue to play? Can it do this?

I’d think it’d be possible with MIDI, using a dedicated CC to stop/save each track but am not sure the MIDI functions at this time.

Hey there, question,

Do you eventually need track 2 and 1 to play at the same time?

Yes sometimes together, sometimes on their own.

We are working on a feature called “Lock Tracks” and in theory, you could lock track 1 and it would be in both parts, and then record track 2 on part one, and end the recording with a next part command.
As long as these are all the loops you need, 2x2 mode would work. Would this update solve your case?

I think so. The main Workflow I’m looking for is:

  • Record track 1, then hit stop but not have it play right away
  • Play track 1when needed
  • Stop playing track 1 and at the same time start recording track 2
  • Stop recording and instantly play track 2
  • While track 2 is playing, record track 3
  • Stop/Play track 3 and 2 at the same time
  • Stop track 2; track 3 continues playing
  • Finally, stop track 3 and end the song

Edit, maybe track 1 = part 1 and
Part 2 consists of tracks 2 and 3?
Not sure the right terminology

You could try the following
Track one on part one like you said,
If you are on quantized mode or have Change Song Part/ Stop All set to End of Loop (or both), you can tell it to change parts, this will start the recording of part 2 track 1 at the next end of measure/ end of loop.
Then hit play when you’re ready for playback.
Then record track 3 by hitting the bottom track button (center).
You can stop both at once using the play/stop all
If you want one to stop playback, simply mute with a double-tap of the button.

By the way, if you want your tracks to start at the same sync point, turn on Sync start and length in the song settings before you start recording or after you clear a song.
If you want them to start at different times, you can turn only sync length on and that will allow an offset.

Sync length will mean that the tracks must be related in length here is the definition:

  • “Base Track”: The current longest loop in the song part when in quantized mode. In Freeform mode (non-quantized), the base track is the shortest loop in a song part.
  • Sync Length: After 1st track is recorded, all tracks will be forced to be proportional to the length of the base track. In quantized mode, all tracks will be forced to be any whole number multiple (x2, x3, x4, etc.) or whole number unit fraction (½, ⅓, ¼, ⅕, etc) of the base track. For example, if the base track is 12 measures long, other tracks will be forced to be either 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, 24, 36, etc. measures long depending on when the end recording/start playback command is given. In freeform, all tracks will be whole number multiples of the base track (no fractions allowed). Tracks can be started at next measure in quantized mode, or immediately in freeform, so this only affects when recording stops and playback begins.
  • Sync Start & Length: In addition to the Sync Length rules above, after 1st track is recorded in a song part, all new recordings will begin at the next start of the longest track loop in the song part.
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