General MIDI Drum Assignments


This article shows the standard General MIDI (GM) drum assignments of MIDI note numbers to instrument names. This article also shows how BeatBuddy Manager assigns note numbers to instrument WAV sounds in the v1.20 drum kits.

If you import a MIDI file and your fancy cowbell solo is silent in BB Manager, it probably means the BB Drum Kit does not have an instrument WAV sound assigned to that MIDI note number. For example, cowbell is MIDI note number 56. Most GM software has a cowbell sound assigned here. BB Manager currently has no sound on note 56 in content v1.20.

You have two options to fix silent MIDI notes:
[]You can update the BB Drum Kit to have an instrument WAV sound assigned to that MIDI note number. (Instructions coming soon.)
]You can edit the MIDI file in a MIDI editor (such as Reaper’s MIDI piano roll) and move the notes from one number to another.[/list]

       GM Assignment			BB Assignment
A0  33 							Metronome	 
B0  35 Bass Drum 2
C1  36 Bass Drum 1			Kick Drum
    37 Side Stick/Rimshot	Cross Stick
    38 Snare Drum 1			Snare
    39 Hand Clap				Handclaps
    40 Snare Drum 2
    41 Low Tom 2
    42 Closed Hi-hat			Hi-Hats Closed
    43 Low Tom 1				Tom 4 (Floor)
    44 Pedal Hi-hat			Foot Hi-hat
    45 Mid Tom 2				Tom 3 (Low)
    46 Open Hi-hat			Hi-Hat Open
    47 Mid Tom 1
C2  48 High Tom 2				Tom 2 (Hi-Mid)
    49 Crash Cymbal 1		Crash Cymbal 1
    50 High Tom 1				Tom 1 (High)
    51 Ride Cymbal 1			Ride Cymbal
    52 Chinese Cymbal
    53 Ride Bell				Ride C. Bell
    54 Tambourine
    55 Splash Cymbal			Splash 1
    56 Cowbell
    57 Crash Cymbal 2		Crash Cymbal 2
    58 Vibra Slap
    59 Ride Cymbal 2			Splash 1
C3  60 High Bongo
    61 Low Bongo
    62 Mute High Conga
    63 Open High Conga
    64 Low Conga
    65 High Timbale
    66 Low Timbale
    67 High Agogô
    68 Low Agogô
    69 Cabasa
    70 Maracas
    71 Short Whistle
C4  72 Long Whistle
    73 Short Güiro
    74 Long Güiro
    75 Claves
    76 High Wood Block
    77 Low Wood Block
    78 Mute Cuíca
    79 Open Cuíca
    80 Mute Triangle
A4  81 Open Triangle

(Sorry for the squirrely formatting. If someone can tell me the BB code for a fixed font width, I will fix the formatting. Or perhaps the Beat Buddy forum owners can change the code block to a fixed width font style.)