General Midi

Hi…I’m new to this so sorry if I sound stupid but I’m trying to use Midi files that I created with EZ Drummer into beatbuddy. I know it’s got something to do with the midi numbers but I can’t seem to get it to play what I want. example….I make a midi file in EZ Drummer of Conga drums then import the Midi file to BeatBuddy Manager and try to use the Latin Percusion to play it. I get different sounds. Can anyone steer me straight…Thanks Rob

The midi numbers used with instruments in ez drummer may be different to the midi numbers for the same instruments in the beatbuddy.
You can use the drumset editor in Beatbuddy manager to see what midi numbers are used in beatbuddy.

For example in the latin kit. In beatbuddy manager click on the drums tab above where the songs are listed and double click on the drumset you want to check. The kit will open and you can now see the corresponding midi numbers for instruments eg 1 - Conga Muffled, 9 - quinto open etc.
To close drumsets from work space is a bit weird. First select close drumset from the drumsets drop down menu at the top and then to get rid of the tick next to the drumset name click delete drumset from same drop down menu. it will bring up a box asking to delete drumset from workspace, click ok and then it will ask to delete drumset from current project click no or else drumset will disapear.


THANK YOU…I really appreciate your help….sometimes it gets a little overwhelming for me with the MIDI stuff but I think I got a handle on it now…again Thanks….Rob