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Can someone please direct me to the Aeros midi commands directory? Thanks

Pp. 32-33

Thank you!

To me, this is more concise and to the point. Plus I believe this page should be widely distributed within this community.

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Thanks @b0n3 I’m finally figuring out the Morningstar MC6 and life on the Aeros just got WAY more fun. Instantly I can get to the set list, use the scroll wheel to navigate songs, push the bottom right “open” switch and voila! (no do you want to save current song questions) Also, no tap dancing through the “select part” switch in 6x6. And in a jiffy I’m in a new 6x6 or 2x2. I’m sure I’ll get smarter for other quick commands but this is my first foray in all things midi

NP Bro! I just went through the same process you are going through now (first time midi education) about 5 weeks ago. It took a ton of reading through the forums here before I found that midi command list. Glad you’re getting it to work!

Those commands are for the beat buddy though…

Those are all of Singular Sound’s midi commands. At the top of the page you can choose between BeatBuddy and Aeros.

Oh sorry, didn’t see the aeros tab, thanks.

NP Man! Glad I can help.

One thing you can do which I find really useful is to make use of the Toggle feature of the MC6 to access all 6 parts from only 3 buttons.

So 3 buttons will toggle parts like this:

For labeling, I like to use the ability afforded in the MC6 to label each state differently, and that way the label tells me that if I press on the button it will go to Part 1 or 2 (etc, etc,)

You can get to any part in 1 or 2 presses. Unless you are pressing to change parts precisely in time when you need them, it’s easy to queue up the correct part (I always use EOM or EOL to change parts).

I also always make one of the buttons NEW PART. That way I can focus on the fewest buttons and instead of thinking about which Part I need in order to make a new Part, pressing NEW PART makes it an automatic choice. For NEW TRACK, I just use the button on the Aeros.

If you haven’t discovered it yet, you can use the MC6’s second page of buttons in each bank. I’ll usually make the first page (A-F) buttons to set up the song and presets and then the second page (G-L) as I described above.