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The sale got me! I preordered a Maestro after watching the new video and I’m excited about the possibilities right away and for the futrue. For now, I’ve got a few questions that should help me get started out of the box.

  1. I use OnSong via bluetooth to trigger the proper drum track/tempo with the BeatBuddy. Will this still be possible using the Maestro?
  2. What type of cable is needed to hook up the BeatBuddy to the Maestro (using the set-up described above)?
  3. If I want to attache the Maestro to a pedal board using velcro, are there any modifications that need to be made to the back cover? (With the BeatBuddy, I had to flip the lid and drill a hole)
    I know these are basic questions but it’ll help me plan ahead. Thanks in advance!

Q1. I think the answer has already been posted here by others.
Q2. You’ll need the BeatBuddy MIDI Sync Adaptor cable as well as standard MIDI patch cables. I think that others have posted on what’s needed and how to connect via Bluetooth; not quite sure what Singular Sound’s plans are for the onboard AEROS Bluetooth.
Q3. Looking at the bottom of the AEROS, it has 4 rubber pads at the corners that are recessed enough that they don’t need to be removed (looks like they protrude about 1/16" above the surface of the bottom plate) nor does the bottom plate have to be flipped and drilled as on the BeatBuddy pedal. So it looks like velcro should work.

Thanks Persist - are you talking about the AEROS or the Maestro? My questions focused on the Maestro.

RE: your Maestro questions as far a pedal board mounting - The unit has not yet made it out into the hands of users. When it is released, which is supposed to happen very soon, we’ll see the final design and have a better idea how to mount it.

Does this help answer the velcro question?

Sorry. Didn’t read the question and thread title/tag. Before cranking out an answer.

seems like both Aeros and MM have the same back plate looking at the image from Anthony.

May have found the answer to #1 on Facebook:

Sorry guys, I’m not following. The Bluetooth adapter occupies both the Midi In and Midi Out ports, so how do you then connect the MM?

Ok, this was not obvious to me at first, but it works. BB obviously uses the Midi Sync cable. The Midi Out of the MM goes to the Midi In of the BB, since the MM only sends commands. The Midi Out of the BB goes to the Bluetooth wireless adapter as does the Midi In of the MM. In other words, the Bluetooth adapter is kind of in series between the MM and BB. Hope this helps.

So is there additional cabling required to purchase? I already have the BB Midi Sync cable, but it sounds like I’ll need another midi cable. Is that correct?

Yes. Maestro>standard midi cable>BB breakout cable midi in>BB. To add an Aeros, you would need an additional standard midi cable.


Yes, Flood is correct. You may also want get a Midi extension cable (male on one end female on the other). Reason being is that the Bluetooth adapter goes between the BB and MM, and the Midi Sync cable is not very long.

Great tip - thank you. I’m hoping to get the MM moving quickly once it arrives in January

Did this work? I need to keep using OnSong to trigger the song selection for BeatBuddy.

Yes Bootsy, that arrangement definitely works. You are absolutely right, Onsong is a must have for controlling the BB. I should mention that I use the Yamaha Bluetooth adapter, I can’t speak for any other brand.

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Hi all,

any recommendations on which expression pedal to buy for the Midi Maestro?