General windows 11 Warning

ASIO as in all ASIO drivers are currently not working… If you use ASIO stay away for now.


Thanks for the heads up! :+1:

Damn. It probably means that quite a few things don’t work.

so far thats the only thing i have found that is completely broken.
seems to me there gonna try to force everything to wapi… but i might be mistaken.

beat buddy manager still works.
pro tools still works.
studio one is fine
but no ASIO which means its kinda rough on hardware. :wink:

Any chance the ASIO not working might be due to Win11 microphone privacy settings? Win10 has microphone privacy settings which sometimes affected the workings of an interface (Windows thinks the interface is a microphone). May be worth checking.

Even more invasive and disturbing…

devices not even detected…

well this is interesting… all of a sudden today my focusrite lit up… and my other asio hardware started working… seems like there was a driver update related to asio… all i can confirm is things are working again.