Generally need several simple, less flashy song choices in all folders

I love BB songs and kits, and if I still played in rock & roll or electric jazz bands, I would be in heaven. But just like I have asked all the drummers I have ever played with in an acoustic setting: For softer acoustic songs and especially ballads, how about toning it down to more simple, straightforward drumming (that is, multi-part songs with verse, chorus, bridge) that aren’t so percussive and overpowering? Sometimes simpler can be so much better! I have downloaded and searched all over BB, including Jazz, Ballad Beats, Hand Percussion, Cajon, etc., and while there are a few things our acoustic guitar-flute duo can readily use, I wish there was a lot more that was appropriate for the smaller venues we play, like coffee houses, wineries, art galleries. BB overall is fantastic, and this is my only major beef. (Well, that and the loud clicks made by the “whisper quiet” BB auxiliary footswitch that I returned, but that’s another story.)