Gently weeps my guitar still

What to do when you are suppose to be at the gym but it is raining outside!

Love that chord progression. Great overall but those selection of chords sound nice.

Nice Diego. Just looks funny playing a soft melodic Beatles song with a hard rock/metal guitar with a Floyd Rose on it :slight_smile: Keep it up. You rock in everything you do.

BTW its raining here to in So. Cal.

Cheers mate. one of my fav chord progression too.

Thanks man, I haven’t played that guitar for a while now. I aim to be fair and give equal love to all my guitars hahaha, that one has been neglected for quite some time now.

That guitar has a Dimarzio Paf Pro on the neck, which I love, especially when combined with the middle pickup for that glassy tone.

yeah I can relate. As you get more gear (new babies) the older ones get less love so it is important to be true to your older babies and share the love. keep it up

Love it, what a nice take on the Song. What Looper were you using with the BB?

Hi there, thanks man, I use the Boss RC-3 Loop station.