Get back to part 1 after recording part 2 (and other newbie Q's)

Newbie to the aeros/BB combo, but not new to looping…

if using these 2 devices for a performance setting, how do i get back to Part 1 after recording part 2 (I only want to play part 2 once to record it)… AND how do i get BB to also go back to Part 1?

If i have a verse that’s basically 4 times through a chord progression, is it better to just record the progression 1x and have it loop, or better to record the whole verse?

Is there a limit on how long (time or measures) a part can be? a lot of the on the fly stuff i do is basically recording 1x through the whole form… I’ve had the loop studio cut it short and start playing the loop before it was done in a pretty short form (one time through a full verse of ‘friend of the devil’ which is only 12 bars) - wasnt’ anywhere near the 2.5 minutes i’ve seen mentioned… sometimes hard to know which info on here is still current and what’s been resolved.

I have a decent live set up for playing songs using RC300, but wanted to try SS gear for (hopefully) noticably better recording/audio quality and the better/more sounds/beats and song sections of the BB.

It’s only been a day or so (but several hours trying to get up the learning curve) - I am getting those benefits (although for my purposes, it is -so far- not that different through PA (QSC)… although headphones do sound great!)… but i’m finding some real hurdles for using it in a live setting.

2x2 mode is fairly easy to use this way, but has one less part than my current rig, which is a problem
6x6 is very challenging so far in terms of performance -

I do a lot of songs that really need 3 (or more parts)…since watching me build the loop gets boring, I typically have a drum/bass done at home for song parts 2 and 3 and do part 1 ‘on the fly’

unfortunately, I am not perfect (yet) and the limitation with Undo/delete is a big issue… Do i need to buy the MM to have delete function? will the MM enable a quicker way to get BB and Aeros to jump to different song parts together?

I could not find any demos that show 6x6 performance with multiple song parts and going between parts in different orders (there are a few that show 6 tracks on 1 part, but that’s not a ‘real world’ live scenario for me)…

I don’t always want to be locked into a certain arrangement… at a certain point, if it gets too much like playing to tracks, I might as well just do that from the ipad or whatever.

I think the goal of 6x6 is more for home/demo use, but 2x2 is too limiting for live use for me… there is much to love in this combo, and investing in the MM isn’t out of the question, but then I’m back to similar size of current rig and even more $

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

Hey there, so sorry for the delayed response here:

I would suggest starting the BeatBuddy, the Aeros will start after the BeatBuddy finishes the intro (if the intro is enabled and BB MIDI settings are default) because it sends a Start command.

Once you are at least one bar from the end of the phrase start and end the transition on the BeatBuddy, this will start Aeros recording in 2x2 to part 2. In 6x6 this is more complex unless you have a MIDI controller that can send CC113 value = part # followed by CC113 value 0 to end BB transition. Just do the same to return back to the first part.

A MIDI controller makes this a lot easier to do easily without needing to touch both controllers especially in 6x6.

You can record either way there is no correct way to record the song.

There is a current 2:30 limit on parts and a 20 minute total limit on all audio. If it is unlikely you had hit the 2:30 mark you may have seen a different issue and this issue has not been reported. Aeros does not have any issue reaching limits as of 3.4.2.

In version 3.5.1 there are no more 2:30 part limits, so this will no longer be an issue for you, luckily!

The Aeros does not yet have a MIDI clear song command, but that should be very soon, so yes it will be able to do this, MM does allow for quicker undo and change part actions. And yes, parts can be changed in any order, if the part exists on the BB it will switch, if not it will not switch as of version 3.9.9.

Let me see if I can find one for you, but trust me I do this every day!

Let me know if I missed anything in my response!

Thanks for your questions and feedback