Aeros firmware 3.5.x

Hi there fellow Aerosnauts!

Edit (August 18, 2021): A new Aeros firmware (4.0.0) has been released here.

Edit (May 3, 2021): Aeros Firmware 3.5.1 is now an official version and has been released for download over the WIFI. (Changelog below)

We have updated the Aeros Manual and the Aeros Manual - Printer Friendly Version (no background colors to use up your ink).

Make sure your Aeros is close to your WIFI router for a strong connection (using your phone’s hotspot feature as a wifi network and placing your phone near the Aeros works well). If you have trouble updating with the WIFI , update with the SD card (note: the SD card must be between 4-32 GB in capacity): Download this file , rename the downloaded file (currently named aeros-3.5.1.bin) to aeros.bin and then place it on an SD card and into your Aeros before turning it on.

IMPORTANT: Turn off your Aeros BEFORE putting in the SD card. Putting in the SD card while Aeros is on and then immediately turning it off can corrupt the firmware file.

To go back to the previous official firmware, use the same SD card update method to install the last official version 3.4.2

Firmware 3.5.1 Changelog

  • Optimized memory usage of track recording. Now, up to 20 minutes of mono audio (10 minutes stereo) can be recorded in a track
  • Improved visual waveform gain system for more consistent relative waveform display sizes
  • Added a new notification when an update is available on server, check is done periodically when Aeros is not used
  • Added a new setting “Cancel Recording” to allow user to undo recording while recording or overdubbing by pressing Play/Stop All button (recording and overdubbing will be undone). Very useful for when a mistake is made and you wish to redo the recording

Bug Fixes:

  • Song naming with mixed upper-case and lower-case issues. Songs can now only be named using Uppercase letters
  • Change Part in loop forgiveness zone with locked tracks, tracks drop out
  • Next Track record command sent “on the beat” (loop forgiveness) causing audio desync when using the BeatBuddy
  • Previous version song files showing song part icons incorrectly
  • Changed when undo is done while in quantized mode from end of measure to immediately. If necessary, adds silence to track to meet sync length rules

What we’re working on next:

  • Additional Memory System Improvements
  • MIDI capability expansion

Thanks! Really hope that MIDI capability expansion comes fast. I need those commands to use my MC8 with.


Ok so the problem with tracks 3, 4, 5 and 6 not aligning properly in 6x6 mode like it was doing in previous firmware seems to be much improved on this one.

It still does it very slightly but in this new one it fixes itself it seems like when press play after recording it snaps it back in place, so that is good :slight_smile:


Looking forward to checking this out. Some nice bug fixes and Cancel Recording setting.


Can you give us A NOTE FIELD in the song where we can put some text of our own choosing … IN ANY TYPE CASE WE WANT.

OK I’LL STOP. It is no longer the '80’s. :wink:


Still need MIDI song select of some sort. Really hope that’s in the next one.


Was waiting for these Memory Improvements…

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That is such a great news! Does still the 20-minute limit apply for the whole song? Meaning that if one track is 20 minutes mono - as it now can be - there is no room left for others?

I believe that is the case. Song max time did not change.
I tested a stereo recording in 6x6. Recorded a 4.3 minute track, then a second track and it gave me a
memory warning after about 5.5 minutes.
Max song length in stereo is 10 minutes.
My guess if that if you have the main track say 3.5 min., and 5 other tracks with solo’s, accents, some keyboards, that as long as they do not add up to over 6.5 minutes recorded total you are fine?
Overdubs to not count towards the limit.

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The update is working fine



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I noticed the looper sounds better.
I am not sure if it is just me or if it
is something in the new update
Anyone else notice this?


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It’s nice that a company can be so attentive and listen to their customers about what is needed with their products. These guys listen and give us what we need.
The “cancel recording” feature has been sorely needed and takes the Aeros up a notch for performing musicians. (Now that we can play live again!) Thank you David and the whole team at Singular Sound, you are much appreciated!


Does the cancel recording like a punch in or does it delete the complete take?

It allows you to get out of record immediately and start recording again. Before you had to long press and wait for what seemed like forever in a live situation. You must turn this feature on in settings. It works for new recordings as well as overdubs. So happy to have this feature, …finally!

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I recorded 10 min. on a stereo track in 6x6 mode and it gave me a warning when 10 min. was close and after I was playing back the bass trackback I tried to record a guitar part and there was no room left. Is this normal or am I missing something?
So this must be 10 min. for all combined tracks?

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Ok as I already have this feature when using the Midi Maestro
Can not be with out it

There sure is not a lot of activity on here as I always get pumped when new features are added as I play everyday and the looper is unreal along with Midi Maestro and Beat Buddy.I never touch my daw and I have so much invested in it as this is quick and no fuss


I also use the BeatBuddy, MIDI Maestro and Aeros and there was no way to get out of record and back in quickly before this update.

I have written so much new music since using the Aeros. It’s just so easy to get ideas down as they show up. It’s a DAW under foot!


The trick is using a mixer with the looper and it makes it unstoppable especially for panning tacks.

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Congrats on the release! I look forward to updating my Aeros and maxing out my time (not…haven’t come close, haha).

I’m also delighted to hear on another thread that the metronome on/off will get some rework (please don’t make me save first! :wink: ) . I’m looking most forward to that to speed up my DAW-like workflow when recording song ideas, and also the auto-quantize when I don’t feel like setting a tempo before I start. And of course the MIDI implementation - I am gearing up for a live stream in July and would love to see where this fits in, though I would expect that might be too soon to get the MIDI goodness. I will need to be patient! :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work!