Aeros firmware 3.1.x

I own Quantiloop on iPad, plus others, but LiveLoop on Mac is the only app that meets all of my requirements, plus adds a lot of stuff I didn’t even think of. There is nearly 0 documentation and the video ‘tutorials’ are just barely enough to get you going, but it is crazy good after you get it figured out. Up to 16 tracks (8 stereo), reverse on every track (required by me), pitch and speed change per track, start/end trim per track, pre- and post-effects for each channel, effects pre-MAIN-out, midi-mapping for all important controls, etc. The developer is obviously a programmer who decided to make his own looper software exactly the way he wants it. If you see the Youtube video of ‘isorhythmic looping’ you’ll see what I mean…what looper provides for isorhythmic looping?!? Edit to mention: It’s also available for Windows.

I agree in live looping no mixing is required that being said it would be nice to pre mix tracks like the rc505 could do with presets

There’s a known issue when the external clock doesn’t match the recorded clock.

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Thanks, I’ll try again by matching both clocks to each other first.

Hello yes, mismatches are still a pesky problem, I replied to you elsewhere about this, but we hope to improve this and even eventually allow Aeros to change tempos, but that’s a ways away.

so is there a way to delete all without "playting’ the 1
st note?

Currently not if you have the Play Stop All button on the Press instead of the Release, we hope to better address this first with MIDI and then with an improved hands-free system


Come on @DavidPackouz. How many more people do you expect to suffer through this bug before you make the default setting for Play/Stop All be “On Release”. It’s a small change of little consequence to those who already have an Aeros or those new people who care about that button’s timing (and will find the setting to fix it). Beginning to feel bad I ever mentioned this approach.

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@Quad the problem with making the default ‘release’ is that then the timing feels off for when you want to start the playback on the downpress. So it’s a tradeoff. We figured that in a live playing scenario, it is better to be on time when starting playback and suffer with the snippet of sound being played when clearing a song - especially since there is a (non-ideal) workaround of lowering the master volume before clearing a song. As I mentioned elsewhere, we do plan on making a better hands-free song management system which will solve this issue.

Is there a way to enter the song selection screen without bending down and using the touch screen? I discovered once I’m there the scroll wheel can be used to select a song (plus a foot switch press). Also, will a song ever load faster in the future?


The MIDI command CC-35, value 0 will go to the song list. So you can use a midi controller to do that (MIDI Maestro Aeros mode has this built in). However we are working on a stand-alone hands free song management system for the Aeros. That’s probably a few months away.

Sounds great if you have another way to trigger clearing/deleting a song hands free … ideally with one or two steps from the loop studio. If that makes this somewhat belabored point moot, all good.

Not saying the ability to change the option to on-press should be removed. This feature is important to some people. But a large number of people are affected by the side effect (the sound during the hold delay) and can’t figure out the setting to fix this. A different default is better for the majority of people, IMHO, and those who need the on-press behavior will likely figure it out.

My guess is the majority of people don’t do timed start/stop (verus record/play) that is not synced to a clock where the difference of the release time matters much. But we do see lots of people being disturbed by the sound upon press to delete … and none of them can figure out that there is a setting to fix this. I don’t think you can document/faq your way out of this one. Perhaps there’s a setting name makes this obvious (“Don’t play 1 second sound when clearing song”? ;-))

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I am not programmer and not pretending to be and maybe it’s harder than the idea in my head but just something that came in my head. All of this is just writing computer coding and what not right?, so when someone is clearing a song why can’t there be some sort of “mute-all” command that targets at the same time when the play/stop button is pressed? I mean you already have it written in the mixer, so if you could merge that with the play/stop all button at the same press then fixed? I don’t know, just thinking out loud.

The issue is that the press (start/stop) and press-hold (clear) actions both start with a press. So a clear when the Aeros is stopped has to start playing until it can determine that a hold (clear) was intended after waiting.

The solution is to change start/stop to trigger on button release. There is a setting for Play/Stop to be on release that fixes this, but few people realize this will help in this situation.

The disadvantage is that the timing on that button is a tad different (because it’s when you release, not when you press that matters).

This would require a 2 button fix. Not sure if you have a spare button not doing anything.

June 21, 2021: I tried to save a song awhile ago, and it got stuck in an endless loop and wouldn’t save it! I thought you guys fixed this problem! Now what???
Alan Saville

Just out of curiosity, is the song trying to be saved as “Song_1”?

Please do let us know if it is related to a file that is or was once named song_1, we have some known issues we need to look into there with that first song. Otherwise, were you on the latest firmware? This is an old firmware thread, we are currently on version 3.5.1. Please confirm you’re on the latest version in the updates screen of the Aeros from the main menu.

Thanks and let me know!

Yeah good job! I`ll try the new firmware tonight. Had some problems with downloading straight from Aeros wi-fi, it asked me to insert the SD card. But now I got the latest firmware on the SD so I hope it will work! Keep up the good work! And thanks a lot!

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You’re welcome! There are also some updates to WIFI behavior since this release, so you may have fixed that too with 3.5.1 :slight_smile: let us know!