Aeros firmware 3.5.x

Looking forward to Auto-Q as well.


Hi Guy,

The original song limits remain. Total recorded music for a song is 20 in mono, 10 in stereo.
If you have 6 tracks with 3 minutes each in total “parts” recorded, you are ok in mono mode at 18
minutes but can’t do it in stereo.
The only change is that parts can be longer than 2.5 minutes now.

It would be nice if the song length was also expanded but I appreciate the latest change. Too many other important requests to ask for that.
Exporting files to daw seems to work for people but would really like import to work also. Along with a song fade option, one press song play and LR panning.
This could all be accomplished in a DAW and then back into the Aeros.

I’m not into midi control yet but getting close since now I’m creating a lot of “parts.”


Thanx for the reply


Can you expand a bit? Thanks

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Thank you for the update. Would it be possible to add “armed” track or click track when a secondary track is added and do countdown to tart recording 2 or more tracks?

Hello @DavidPackouz and @BrennanSingularSound,

I will try this update. But I am already very surprised that such a bug reported in the 3.4.x has not been part of the release…

This is a very annoying and easily reproducible bug (all details in the bug report) !

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Hi @Brockstar, so as stated in the bug report, the problem is not fixed (at least) in 2x2.

Maybe there are improvements (I mean maybe you have to wait longer to see the issue, not sure, but I did not time it precisely), but it’s definitely still there…

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I’m going to test it again on my end as well today sometime for a longer period. I may have jumped the gun a bit but I thought I seen improvement in this new firmware. Will post back once I try it again for longer :slight_smile: I don’t use 2x2 mode so I wouldn’t know on that one.

I use a mixer for Guitar - Bass - Midi guitar etc and then I take the main out of the mixer an send it to the aeros.This way I can pan any of the 3 strips in the mixer. I then
send the output of the aeros to another small mixer and I also have the Beat buddy going to the second mixer. From there I send the mix to a zoom H!N and when I am finished I transfer my songs to my mac and put final touches using Ozone 9 stand alone software.
I can send pics ? The mixer are small but work well and take no space. I always record in 6x6 mode. No issues at all. The upgrade has no issues in 6x6 mode.

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Can we get a loop decay feature added to next update?


Thanks for describing. Pics or drawing is good too. What’s your intent with the panning? Does it vary through the song?

If you are referring to loop decay? It’s like aging on some loopers or even the old Gibson echoplex had it. Pigtronix has a version of it and repeater also does this. Maybe a good example of how this can be used is Grace by Gordon Knot.

Sean Malone had some loops that would just age away and dissolve in real time and he would come back and play those live again as a new pass if he wanted them to punch back out. It’s a great way to loop and makes beautiful sound scapes.
Trey Gunn also does this often in his looping.
Boomerang has this and it’s called decay and engages when stacking if decay is set higher than 0.
It’s a wonderful way to make clean, smooth, seamless ever evolving loops and soundscapes.

It is nice if you want to pan 2 rhythm guitar tracks as in much of the 70’s music or pan horns a little to the left and say a Hammond organ a little to the right and lead guitar straight down the middle. Panning just creates a nice mix

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Agree. I really hope panning on the Aeros is here sooner than later. Been asking for that for quite some time.

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Aeros firmware 3.5.1 has been released as an official version and is available for download over WIFI!


I want to download the firewear in computer. But it shows the document has been deleted and doesn’t exist in onedrive

Yes there’s an error there now. I messaged David over on facebook to see if it’s a problem or if they deleted it for a reason.

" This item might not exist or is no longer available

This item might have been deleted, expired, or you might not have permission to view it. Contact the owner of this item for more information."

However you should be able to download it now over wi-fi from the pedal which may be why it was removed.

@Brockstar I fixed the link. Thanks for letting me know… not sure how the link got broken, very strange.


Anyone else experiencing problems selecting songs on 3.5.1. When I try to select the last song on my list (either with the MM or Aeros screen) Aeros either creates a new song or goes to the AEROS screen where it freezes until you turn off and on again?

Have gone back to 3.4.2 but the problem persists!!! What’s happened to my Aeros?