Getting a fuzzy distortion

I have my Helix LT effects loop going to a Ditto x4 looper to the Beat Buddy and then back to the effects loop. Everything was working great up until I unhooked the beat Buddy so that I could connect it to my PC to add new drum files. Ever since hooking it back up to to Helix, I am getting an annoying fuzz type of distortion added to my guitar. If I remove the Beat Buddy and just use the Ditto looper through the effects loop, everything sounds fine. Any ideas on why the Beat Buddy would be adding this unwanted distortion?

Make sure you didn’t plug your pedal back into a different power source
All your cable jacks are firmly seated
Power pedal down and then back up
If still noisy, try replacing your patch cables one at a time

And if none of the above works, put the SD card in to your computer and reload the firmware.

Thank you for the response. I unplugged everything, changed the patch cord, etc but still no better. I decided to switch from effects loop 1 to effects loop 2 on the Helix and for some reason, it cleared up the distortion. I’m still not sure why effects loop one is causing me issues with the Beat Buddy and not the ditto, but at least I have a solution to fix the problem. Now I just have to go through each Helix patch and change from effects loop 1 to 2… now if effects loop 2 starts acting up, I’m not sure what I’ll do then. Just keeping my fingers crossed that doesn’t happen.