Getting a .mid file into the BeatBuddy

–I know I saw this explained somewhere but I looked and can’t find it. Here’s what I’ve finally done:
1–I used one of my iPad apps (Music Studio) that plays General Midi songs to load in a song that separates by tracks.
2–I loaded in a msf
3–The song’s part were separated by instruments.
4–I deleted all of the tracks except for the drum track which I saved as a .Mid file.
5–I then mailed the file (phew! I thought setting up the Beat Buddy was convoluted!)
6–I then took the .Mid file and tried to import it into the Beat Buddy on my computer
Nothing doing!

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, Scott

How are you importing the Mid into the Beat Buddy on your computer

There’s probably an easier way to do this using the BB Manager. This will give you a general idea and help you get started:

  • create a new song
  • double-click on the new Main Loop, navigate to and then import your midi file

–I have the Beat Buddy manager and am taking the .mid file from my desktop where I downloaded it and then opened the Beat Buddy manager and tied to import it intothe BB Manager on my computer.

Scott …Use an old song … be bopa lula w bass for example :wink:
delete the intro/main/end …put in your replacements.
rename it … export it with your new-name
import it … into your set … how ever you are managing it … (alphabetically ?)
that’s my modus operandi …good luck.

If it is midi for a whole song in music studio, then it is possible that the file is too big. Try editing the music studio track down to a couple of bars, then getting the .mid file out. Then select “New Song” in BB Manager click on “Main Loop” in it and then navigate to where you put the .mid file on your hard drive.

—Thank you for your advice, adding my replacements is not a skill I have yet but will eventually. I appreciate your help.

—Thank you, I’ll try that.

You need to put the midi file into a .sng file first. I just got the new beta BBMgr software so I haven’t tried the ‘whole song’ features yet. I will give them a try this weekend and post back

—Is this a conversion application in the BB or how do I convert them?

Post 6 above talks to this. It’s not a conversion, the BBManager software incorporates the info in the midi file into the .sng file so the bb will recognize and play it.