Getting a .sng to start on one press rather than two

I do not know what a “null” files purpose is, so please excuse my ignorance on this if it is turns out to be simple.

How can you get rid of a “null” file to allow a one click start rather than a double click start on a one press song?

I’ve tried deleting the null file and exporting/importing the main song part. It does start on one press but changes the arrangement of the song.

Here’s the song I am referring to. I changed the kit to “Rock” so there is no bass.

Fairly simple. Using the BBM MIDI Editor,

  1. Drag the song from the Outro section to the Intro section.
  2. Copy the NULL or Empty from the Main Drum Loop section to the Outro section.
  3. Save Project.
  4. Test: Single-tap will start the song and double-tap will end it.
  5. The end result is the same as in the attached screen shot that uses Empty instead of NULL.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 10.00.26 PM.png

Perfect! Thanks so much for the reply and instructions! Much appreciated