getting an error that head phone volume is 6% ...

But head phone volume is off. This is while BB is playing a song, so it’s flashing between the play page (with the beats showing) and the “Head phone Volume is 6%”. It happens everytime I start a song How can this be corrected.

Turn the headphones volume all the way up to 100%. This should fix that for you.

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I have tried to email the BB guys a few times in the past couple of days but haven’t gotten a response. The issue I am having seems to be what your are experiencing, which is the fact that the headphones display keeps popping up during using beats. This has become so frequent that during a 3 hour practice yesterday, it remained up for almost the entire time. I have two shows this weekend at a particular venue who expects BANDS. Im a solo artist and managed to get these gigs bc of the fact that I use your pedal along with other effects to where I AM the band. However, with my “drummer” malfunctioning, this is difficult to do.

I have looked on the forum and it seems that many people are having the issue where the display for the headphones volume comes up. I did not see any solutions in the forum that would not void the warranty we have on your product. If you purchased a warranty on this product ( like I did), any tampering of the item, even something this small will void your warranty! So removing the disc is not an option. And from what I understand, some of the pedals the screw that holds the disc in place has been glued into place.

Mine is the headphone message at almost a constant rate now and it is interfering with being able to use this for my live gigs. The disc that you turn to control the headphone volume is not loose, and it functions properly in clicking off and expressing on the screen when you turn it to full volume. It doesn’t matter what volume number I try and set it to, it still does the same thing.

I have another gig on Friday and need to find a remedy to this situation ASAP. I would love to be able to speak to someone directly but I saw no phone number to achieve that. Musicians Friend offered to try to contact them via their number to see if there was anything they could do to assist me with this dilemma, as neither them or Sweetwater have any on sound that I can purchase in time for my show.

If anyone knows where I can purchase one and get it Fedex to me by Friday before 7pm, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!!!

Marie Anderson

Hey Marie, if you are in a jam (sorry… bad joke.) you can call Pitbull Audio in Chula Vista, Ca. I bought mine there a couple days ago and hey had a few more in stock. Perhaps they could overnight it to you… good luck!

This is really bad. I know this was being dealt with in an upcoming firmware version.
I will also suggest for the BeatBuddy to have an option to disable the headphones volume control altogether, making it stick to 100% at all times.