Getting BBM to work on macOS

Is there a step by step for getting BBM to work on Mac? I’ve got it installed ok, but when trying to load projects it reports a few different error messages.

The one time I managed to load a project from the old Windows Library version, it loaded everything EXCEPT my user songs??

Is it best to start by loading up from the card with the Beat Buddy attached to the PC? I am trying to load from existing saved projects as I am a bit concerned about that (loading from card) as I do not want to corrupt it, as it is the only copy I would have (assuming I cannot get the saved ones on the data drive to work, that is)

I think I will just go and buy another SD Card and recreate the project there!

I would make a copy of the card first. Whether you get anything working or not, it’s always worth having a backup of something that important.

Some people advocate working directly on the card as the project, while others advocate for having a project on your computer and then syncing to the SD card. I’ve always used the latter approach.

Thanks Andrew, already done that, JUST in case, and to the Mac as well :slight_smile: I think though that having one card as windows and one as Mac, may be advantageous in the long run, not sure how hahaha, but maybe.