I’ve worked a while on this one, getting the drums/bass just right…its close…so close.

Anyway, I’ve also played around with getting that unique sound …

  1. TURN your bridge pickup off completely, turn all bass tome off
  2. TURN your neck pickup on and treble tone all the way up
  3. IF you have a compressor, set attack to 50-60% and sustain low.

    That’ll do it. of course, if you have a RIC 330 or 360, thats even better, perhaps through a VOX AC30???

    Get that intro right…I’ve added a four beat count in … then you do the Fadd9 intro before th drums/piano kick in. Listen to the album a few times …(you DO have the new 50th Anniversary edition, don’t you???

    READ the cheat carefully … its important that you get the riffs (2 of them) as well as that Fadd9 and Fmaj7 chord (root positions on this one). Makes all the difference in the world. Even though the cheat doesn’t show it, where you see an F, you can use the Fadd9.

    Have fun.

    ZIP includes the usual … uses Bosendorfer (thanks Phil Flood)

    Let me know what you think!

Download Here